Namaste bitches!

I’m ill.

My sinuses are so blocked that I feel like I’ve been punched in the face. Normally at this time on a Monday I would have been to work already and would be half an hour into a Bikram class but… not today. Today I am at home with my duvet and Netflix and I reckoned it would be an opportune moment to start a blog.

I have no idea why I thought that.

I mean I’m a very opinionated person. Anyone who knows me could tell you that. So I will probably use this space to rant and rave on more than a few occasions. But mainly I want to use it to share with you the three things I love and am enthusiastic about: yoga, baking and acting.

Yoga has helped me through a lot of shit. Since I was sixteen I have been turning to it to calm me down, lift my spirits and give me some kind of purpose. The day I found out my eye disease had come back from remission, I went to yoga. The day I broke up with my ex, I went to yoga. Every time I screw up an audition (you guessed it), yoga. More recently (the last 2 1/2 years) I’ve gotten into Bikram and have become even more of an annoyingly enthusiastic yogini. I love the way I feel after a class, and I love the transition from the cold, hectic outside world into the isolated hotbox where, for 90 minutes, no one can reach me or bother me. It’s helped me massively with overcoming body dysmorphia and other mental obstacles, and with putting life in perspective during hard times. So you’ll be hearing about it a lot.

I got into baking a couple of years ago. I’d always enjoyed it, but previously did nothing more adventurous than follow the instructions on the back of a Betty Crocker cake mix box. Then, in September 2013, my best friend came home from uni for the academic year after learning her mother was seriously ill. ‘Home’ for her just happened to be the exact town that I had recently moved to, and with all our other friends at universities around the country, I made sure I spent as much time with her as she needed. But I had to figure out something to do with her that would distract her from what was going on with her mum – give her some time off, as it were. So we started baking. We baked a lot. Basically went through the entirety of Hummingbird Bakery’s cookbook and then some. Now baking is like an addiction for both of us. Get ready for some badass pictures of cakes.

Acting is what I would like to do for a living. I know, that sounds like a joke, right? Who makes a living from acting? (Except obviously Benedict Cumberbatch because he is a god and is fully deserving of all beautiful things in this world.) But no I’m totally serious I want to be an actor. I don’t even know how or why I got into it, all I know is that I’ve always wanted to be on stage and in films. And when I say ‘always’, I mean it. On my preschool application, my mother wrote “Samantha would like to be a movie star when she grows up” in the miscellaneous information section. I was three. As I live in Brighton at the moment, I’ve been doing shows with local theatre companies ranging from serious, heart-wrenching drama to a musical for kids, all along hoping that Julian Fellowes would randomly turn up one day, point at me and loudly proclaim, “You, girl! You shall be the next big star on Downton Abbey!” But until that day comes, I’ll be plugging away at student films and theatrical productions like it’s nobody’s business. Ever wondered what a rehearsal process is like, or how actors deal with all that rejection? You’ll hear about it plenty.

Anything else? Oh yeah… I really hate travelling on public transportation and nearly have a meltdown every time I’m on an overcrowded train from London to Brighton. I’m probably going to experience this exact hell on Friday so GET READY!!

Pet hates in this area include: people who listen to their music too loudly; people who talk too loudly (on the phone or to a travelling companion); people who try to talk to me, especially whilst I’m reading; people who eat smelly food; people who put their coffee on the communal table between the four-seater booth things and leave a coffee ring so I can’t put my book down; people who sit next to me when there are literally HUNDREDS of other available seats…

Yeah. This should be entertaining.

Namaste, bitches. x


One thought on “Namaste bitches!

  1. I’m mostly interested in the photos of baked goods. And not entirely comfortable with Namaste & bitches in the same sentence…..


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